Friday, 11 January 2013

Forthcoming publication - a typology of the DIY archive and museum

An article on DIY institutions that I co-authored with Alison Huber has been accepted for publication in the European Journal of Cultural Studies. The article, titled 'Notes Towards a Typology of the DIY Institution: identifying do-it-yourself places of popular music preservation', identifies a series of commonalities that emerge across the DIY institutions we visited for the 'Popular Music and Cultural Memory' project.

The three intertwined dimensions we concentrate on in the article are structural functions which the institutions serve for their communities: (1) cultural; (2) social; and (3) affective. We illustrate each dimension with extracts from interviews undertaken with staff/volunteers at The ARChive of Contemporary Music (USA), Museum RockArt (the Netherlands), Archiv österreichischer  Popularmusik (Austria), Victorian Jazz Archive (Australia), and Tónlistarsafn Íslands (Iceland). We think the commonalities found in these places that transgress genre and nationality are suggestive of broader trends in the ways in which communities and individuals within those communities show interest in asserting ownership over and expertise in popular music’s cultural history, which leads them to acts of preservation and display that contribute to our collective memory of these musics.

Complete publication details will be posted here on the blog once they are available.