Saturday, 29 November 2014

Rockmuseum Munich - the highest DIY museum in the world?

Although last month my data collection for the project officially concluded, a brief trip to Munich, Germany, has enabled me to expand my fieldwork sites by one with a visit to Rockmuseum Munich. No interviews were conducted here but it was a delight to discover this little gem tucked away in a famous Munich tourist attraction.

Rockmuseum Munich occupies a high profile position on the viewing deck of the Olympic Tower in Olympic Park. While there are patrons who visit Olympic Tower with the core purpose of viewing the museum’s exhibits, Rockmuseum Munich also benefits from passing tourists who encounter the museum by way of a desire to see the city from on-high.

Rockmuseum Munich opened in December 2004, making my visit almost coincide with the museum's ten year anniversary. The museum was founded by a Munich-based financier and a music journalist. The target audience for the museum are 35-50 year olds with an interest in artists like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Elvis. But the duo also have artefacts relating to more recent artists, with items on display relating to Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears, among others. Two jukeboxes enable patrons to hear tracks from those artists who are featured in the displays. 

The exhibition space is very small and according to the website only one percent of the collection is on display here. The founders are seeking bigger premises to more fully showcase their collection. The biggest hurdle to this is funding. As the website explains, the lack of significant sponsorship from someone who can provide premises and/or loans is hampering the dreamed expansion to become Europe's biggest rock museum. In the meantime, the founders are supported by their families and friends in this endeavour.