Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Forthcoming presentation at "Death and Life", a pop-up workshop in Sydney organised by Archive Futures

Later this month I will be presenting a paper on DIY archiving at a pop-up workshop in Sydney which has been organised by Archive Futures in association with the Australian Centre for Public History. The workshop, called "Death and Life", will be held on Friday 20th November from 2.30-5pm in UTS Building 10 (Jones Street), Level 9, Room 113. Places at the workshop are limited. If you would like to attend please email: samantha.encarnacion@uts.edu.au

The title of my paper is "Making community archives sustainable: safeguarding the long-term future of popular music's material culture". Other presenters at the workshop are Maryanne Dever (UTS) and Sarah Barns (University of Western Sydney).

The abstract of my paper is as follows:

Case studies of Jazz Museum Bix Eiben Hamburg (closed 2013) and the British Archive of Country Music (at risk of closure) highlight the difficulties faced by community archives in sustaining their ‘do-it-yourself’ popular music heritage practices. The fragility of these institutions speaks to concerns raised by critics who believe that the collection and preservation of popular music’s material heritage is best undertaken by fully trained professionals in properly funded, authorised institutions. However, the significance and value of community archives goes beyond the artefacts being collected. At risk are not merely the artefacts relating to popular music’s material past but the very communities and accumulated vernacular knowledges that sustain popular music archiving at the community level.

If you are unable to make the workshop but want to know more about the issue of sustainable community archiving, you may be interested in reading a recently published article I co-wrote with Jez Collins (Birmingham City University) called "Sustaining popular music's material culture in community archives and museums" which appears in the International Journal of Heritage Studies.