Saturday, 13 July 2013

Book proposal submitted, 'Do-it-Yourself, Do-it-Together: Preserving Popular Music Heritage'

A book proposal has been submitted for an edited collection tentatively titled Do-it-Yourself, Do-it-Together: Preserving Popular Music Heritage

The proposed collection seeks to explore the role of DIY practitioners (archivists and curators) in the management of popular music heritage. Chapters will discuss the various cultural, social, economic, political and affective dimensions of DIY heritage practice, including a consideration of how these practices contribute to our collective memory of popular music. 

The book will document a range of institutions of grass-roots popular music preservation, with chapters covering a range of countries (eg. Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Ghana, Iceland, Kenya, Malta, the Netherlands, UK, USA and Venezuala), music genres (eg. Country, pop-rock, jazz, folk and world popular music genres like ‘highlife’ and ‘benga’), and artists (eg. Take That, the Beatles, Elvis). 

Chapters in the collection will consider both online and physical examples of DIY heritage practice across a spectrum of activity – beginning with the individual collector or fan who seeks to establish a place to share his/her collection, all the way through to the DIY institution that might have found enough funding for a few staff members and has become formalised to the extent that it is on the verge of national acceptance. 

While Part One of the book will be dedicated to academic explorations on the topic, Part Two consists of chapters written by DIY popular music heritage practitioners. It is hoped that privileging community-based and enthusiast expertise in the book will provide a point of access into new ways of thinking about archiving popular music based on vernacular knowledge and a democratising approach. 

Confirmed contributors to Part Two include: John Collins (Bokoor African Popular Music Archives Foundation, Ghana), William ‘Tabu’ Osusa and Billie Odidi (Ketebul Music, Kenya), Coromoto Jaraba (Proyecto Caracas Memorabilia, Venezuala), Dave Allen (Pompey Pop, UK), Jeff Blades (Victorian Jazz Archive, Australia), Barrie Brennan (Australian Country Music Hall of Fame, Australia), Bjarki Sveinbjörnsson and Jón Hrólfur Sigurjónsson (Tónlistarsafn Islands, Iceland), and Sheryl Davis (Re:Muse-icology, USA). 

Other contributors to the book are Marion Leonard, Amanda Brandellero, Arno van der Hoeven, Susanne Janssen, Rosa Reitsamer, Rainer Prokop, Dave Laing, Mark Duffett, Anja Löbert, Stephanie Fremaux, Oliver Carter, Gérôme Guibert, Emmanuel Parent, Toni Sant, Thomas Herscht, and Jez Collins. 

Hopefully a contract for the book will be offered within the next 3 months. Another case of ‘watch this space’…