Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Introducing the 'Music Archive Network'

If you are interested in the archiving of popular music then consider signing up to the newly formed Music Archive Network. This network has been set up by Sound and Music, the Institute of Popular Music at the University of Liverpool and the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research at Birmingham City University.

As Jez Collins, activist archivist and founder of the Birmingham Music Archive, explains:

"Initially our purpose will be to create and invite people to a mailing list of those individuals, communities, institutions and organisations who have an interest in this subject matter. It is clear that there are many different approaches and practices in music archiving and therefore we are actively seeking to create a multi disciplinary group of people who can share their insights, passions, experience and ideas and ultimately for the Music Archive Network to foster relationships and partnerships that undertake project work together across the range of archives represented."

To sign up to the Music Archive Network email list click here or paste this link into your browser: